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Yearling Bulls
These yearling Angus bulls represent our most progressive genetics born and are
primarily out of first-calf-heifers. We have tried to put together a large selection of
calving-ease bulls for your next year’s calf crop.
Weaning weights were taken in September and yearling weights were taken the last week
of January. EPDs are accurate to the day of sale book production.
These bulls are guaranteed breeders. They have all passed a breeding soundness
evaluation including a semen test. All bulls offered in the sale have tested BVD-PI
INTEREST in every bull in this sale. The bull you purchase is completely in your control
regarding how you handle the bull and your natural service use. You receive 100%
salvage value of the bull. Retaining 1/3 revenue-sharing semen interest simply allows
Stevenson Angus the right to share in collection of semen, use of semen in our herds
and the right to share in semen sale revenue if semen sales become a possibility.
Realistically, we will collect semen on a very small percentage of the bulls selling. It will
be an even smaller number of bulls that will market semen. However, we realize that
many promising bulls are identified after they have proven themselves in natural service.
If you have any questions or concerns about our retained interest policy, please contact
Stevenson Angus.
Yearling Bulls
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