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Two Year Old Bulls
Two Year Old Bulls
These bulls were raised from birth to weaning without creep. From weaning these animals
were fed a high roughage growing ration. Bulls are put into contemporary groups at
weaning, maintaining these groups through yearling and ultrasound makes the data and
ratios provided more meaningful to our customers. Pertinent individual performance birth
weights and ratios will be included within the footnotes. Understand, because the bulls are
in different contemporary groups, a ratio of 100 will not necessarily correlate to the same
weight between the different groups.
These bulls are guaranteed breeders. They have all passed a breeding soundness evaluation
including a semen test. All bulls offered in the sale have tested BVD-PI negative. Some
bulls were used in natural service for clean up use behind AI last breeding season. These
non-virgins have been trich tested per current Montana requirements.
INTEREST in every bull in this sale. The bull you purchase is completely in your control
regarding how you handle the bull and your natural service use. You receive 100% salvage
value of the bull. Retaining 1/3 revenue-sharing semen interest simply allows Stevenson
Angus the right to share in collection of semen, use of semen in our herds and the right to
share in semen sale revenue if semen sales become a possibility.
Realistically, we will collect semen on a very small percentage of the bulls selling. It will be
an even smaller number of bulls that will market semen. However, we realize that many
promising bulls are identified after they have proven themselves in natural service. If you
have any questions or concerns about our retained interest policy, please contact any
Stevenson Angus.
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