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Mortality and loss of use
insurance are both available for
bulls purchased. An insurance
representative will be here on sale
day to help you with those needs.
We encourage all of you to stop by and coordinate delivery plans before leaving the Sale. If you are buying
off-site, please let us know of any special instructions as soon as you can. Otherwise, we will contact you
regarding date of delivery. Your cooperation in taking delivery is greatly appreciated.
Bull Delivery
We are happy to announce that after 50 years of selling bulls, we are still delivering in Montana for free.
We charge a nominal delivery charge for the surrounding tiers of states. Please use the map below to
determine this charge. We would like to emphasize that we do our best to keep delivery costs to a minimum
and we are offering a volume discount if you can assist in creating full loads with minimal drops.
The delivery cost will be added to invoice at check out.
We will continue to offer a pickup credit of $50 per head for all bulls picked up within 7 days of the sale.
PO Box 170
Hobson, MT 59452
(406) 423-7500
All bulls selling for $4000 or more will be covered 50% by
Stevenson Angus Ranch if they are injured during their first
season and not able to return to service. Season is defined as:
Upon delivery through the 90-day period following the first
turnout of the bulls.
50% of the value of the injured bull, minus salvage value,
will be given as credit in a future sale or toward a replacement
bull if one is available. All injured bulls must be diagnosed
by a veterinarian. Please notify us as soon as possible should
injury occur and prior to the injured bull being sold for salvage.
All claims must be made by September 1, 2013.
Example 1:
A $5,000 bull is injured, a credit of $2,500 minus
any salvage value will be given to the buyer.
Example 2:
A $4,000 bull is injured, a credit of $2,000 minus
any salvage value will be given to the buyer.
Example 3:
A $3,750 bull is injured, no credit is given. Buyer
retains all salvage value.
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